East Wind Gospel Singers
East Wind Gospel Singers

Friends of East Wind Gospel Singers,


     It is with mixed emotions that I write to share with you and your church family that the East Wind Gospel Singers have decided to retire after 28 years of ministry.  We came to this decision after John decided that at the end of 2014 he would be stepping down from the group.  He wants to be more active in serving in his own church, spend more time with his family and have the flexibility to be more involved at the school where he is an Ed Tech.  We have discussed going on with the group and find another person to fill John’s position but after much prayer and seeking the Lord for guidance, I thought it best that we retire.  Nancy and Phil are busy with their jobs and growing family and I have recently accepted the roll as an elder at my church.  I continue to seek the Lord concerning a music ministry as I feel this is what he has called me to do and I’m waiting on him to see if perhaps down the road he will call us to start again.  If the Lord keeps that door closed then I will serve him however he calls me.


     It has been a joy and privilege to be a part of this ministry for the past 28 years.  God has truly blessed us and we are grateful.  We pray that this ministry has been an encouragement to you and your church family.  Our mission has always been to share God’s love and the gift of salvation through music and testimony in hopes that believers would be encouraged in their walk with the Lord and that seeds were planted in the hearts of those who didn’t know the Lord as their Savior.   


     Thank you for the opportunity to come and share God’s love through song and testimony.We have met some wonderful people over the years and so many have become like family to us.  We have many wonderful memories that we will treasure forever.


Because of His Great Love,

Charles (Rebel) Barrett